Senior WOW

Senior WOW is a group for teenagers aged between thirteen and eighteen, meeting on alternate Wednesdays at 6.30pm in the Vicarage. Through discussion, meditation and prayer we seek to expand our knowledge of the Christian faith liturgically, biblically and spiritually. It isn't lesson-based but instead originates from the group's ideas and questions. No question is deemed to be stupid, and it is this philosophy that has led us to explore the structure of the liturgy, the art of intercessions, the features of church buildings, studies of the Old Testament and branching out into Christian philosophy. But WOW is not purely about learning; through our fortnightly meetings we expand on friendship and fellowship. Social outings are a valuable part of what we do, and have seen us frequent the local Italian Restaurant and more recently a Tapas Bar. Yet throughout all our activities, the focus remains on furthering our Christian journey, and this is why it is so important to all of us that our meetings conclude with the Office of Compline, normally with the intercessions undertaken by members of the group.